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How high is your (revenue-)goal for 2016?

How high is your (revenue-)goal for 2016?

… and have you known, that simply writing down your goal supports reaching it!

Almost common knowledge and documented through many Studies, we know, that written-down goals, have the tendency, to be reached easier. It’s logical, that if you add the right actions, this probability becomes even higher… ;-)

But what about this:

Have you known, that it is not about going for the highest possible goal, but to find the “optimal number” for you and your business?
This 3 main-criteria will help you, find your optimum.
1. If you service provider and single businesswoman (trainer, coach, consultant) and you are not in the 6-figure sales range, then this is your next destination. Why?
Because this number will give you the freedom to do the best job you can for your clients, without burning out over time. Muddling around is not running a reputable company. (If you‘re part-time entrepreneur, then 2/3 applies.)
Also to be taken into account plus or minus 10% = city-country difference, East-West difference and conurbations i.e. in Switzerland.
If you are already close to 6-digit annual sales double.
All are already in the 6-digit area, count on x 2 or x 3.
(If you have team members, the situation must be looked at more closely. Also, if you not just provide service, but additional selling products.)


2. Make sure, that the calculated number, is a sum, that – at the moment – you are not knowing how to reach it. Why?
Because only if you you need to “stretch” and grow your current knowledge, development takes place. As every muscles in training neetds wheight to gain strength. Otherwise, you‘re in your current comfort zone and you’re doing your same-old-same-old.


3. Check whether you have considered your necessary investments.
Your activities (marketing, networks, offer development, etc.) must be decided from your actual stand – your current reality – but also, include new resources. With what you‘ve always done, you will bring you, what you always got.
Decide from where you want to be, not from where you are at the moment. (Not too far, just a few steps ahead!) If you see, that you should invest in marketing – do it. If you notice that others who already are where you want to be, have a mentor or coach, take one. Why?
Only in the Amateur League people go alone. Professionals and all successful entrepreneurs know, that they need to take the best partners and team members  they can get! (Or the best coach or strategist). So, go and get one!
It will pay a 100 times off!
… you see… its not the highest number that counts… its your best/optimal one!
hugs, Angelika
pic: Capochiani Armando

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