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A different approach of handling life and business


This site is for you, if you are interested in improving your personal and professional life.
Every smart entrepreneur I know uses the guidance of a Mentor to make progress fast.


My work is valuable for you:

  • If you are a Coach or Consultant, who wants to change course, in how you earn your money or how you do business.
  • If you want to get more of your ideal clients.
  • If you want to have an easy functioning system to attract them.
  • If you are faced with challenges you would like to overcome faster.
  • And of course, if you want to increase your income.

“I love to support you on your journey!”



Stop acting small. You are the universe in ectatic motion
<span>, Charis Cara Therapist and Homeopath</span>
"Dear Angelika. Right now, I am sitting in a train after a genius ACDC-concert and have muse to study your script again. It inherents a mega-genius potential, which I am implementing more and more. In my first month of being a 100%-entrepreneur, I made a bomb income, but what the coolest thing in this is, that I have time to enjoy a worthy lunch and have a nap after it. I am soooo relaxed and it feels so healthy, not being hunted all the time. Thank you for this!"
- Free Mathis, Charis Cara Therapist and Homeopath

<span>, TCM-Expert and 5-Elements-Consultant for executives</span>
"Right from the first month of training on, I doubled and tripled my monthly income. And at the same time, I brought in, the whole amount in fix bids, to meet my needs of the whole year to come! And as this is a great, and never to imagine or expected result, to me, the more important thing is, that in this process, my self-worth increased a lot. I can go and talk to whomever I want to – and feel competent and good as I am. And at a point, the whole thing started becoming its own dynamic, and real good clients call me and ask for me and my support!"
- Vera Prissmann, TCM-Expert and 5-Elements-Consultant for executives

<span>, Expert in Supporting Turning-Points in Business</span>
"I already run a mini-business in handmade bags, but wanted to build my consulting and coaching-business, in which I was a start-up. In the first 3 month of Angelika’s training, I went from 0 to almost 30.000 in orders!” And here is, what she says now: “If you want to be successful, don’t wait to work with an amazing coach. You are way faster, than if you want to figure out anything by yourself. And if you add determinacy and will, you can accomplish anything that you want! To win this CONSTANTINUS AWARD, means a lot to me. And now I will take it, to go for my next goal, which is concentrating on my revenue. ——- NEWS: Angelika Radl-Walser is now nominated for CONSTANTINUS AWARD INTERNATIONAL 2015. The ceremony will be held in Holland on Tuesday the 22th of September. There are only 6 Businesses nominated, from all projects around the whole world! I am so proud. Well done,"
- Angelika Radl-Walser, Expert in Supporting Turning-Points in Business

Especially interesting is angelikas work, for people in service-based businesses, because out of her research she created incredible tools and programs to support their progress.





getting to know me

Let yourself become living poetry

What others say about Angelika…

She is a Generative Strategist and especially sensitive, in feeling peoples life-path, with a great overview on complex situations, which helps her clients to confidently decide their next best steps and step into their true potential.

After studying a few semesters of business economy, sociology and psychology, she deepend her studies in Educational Science (with special focus on counseling and psychotherapy), and holds the degree of a Magistra Phil. of the University of Innsbruck.

Beside her theoretical background she is trained in many practical methods and different approachs. Her knowledge includes training as an ECA’s coachNLPU master’s degree (R. Dilts and others), Systemic Constellation Work, (Sparrer, de Kibed) Social Artistry and Mystery School (United States with J. Houston) and an Aura-Soma Level 4 (GB).

Her most important trainer and mentor is Ph.D. Stephen Gilligan. She studies his Self-Relation-Approach and Generative Leadership since 2006.
We are talking about over 3,000 practical seminar/training-hours in total. …

She improves herself on a consistent basis, with a minimum of 200 hours of intense training and self-development each year.

There is just one true purpose, which is to be a conscious and fierce guide for your soul, through all your ventures and all the relationships you meet in this life – may it be business or private.


The business-experience that builds her foundation…

She “walks on two legs” – Sales & Training.

Independent Business-Owner since 2001.

The first extraordinary results she had was as a mental coach for athletes. “Champion-Maker-Rate” of 100%, (every team she worked with got the title)

Since 2013, her topic is to help Consultants of different areas to increase their income, with incredible easy systems.

Her actual quote is again 100%. Every biz-owner she worked with the last 12 month, doubled his revenue. Do you want to take a quantum leap in your biz-development too? 

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Don’t go back to sleep – take the courage to live yourself fully!

Especially interesting is angelikas work, for people in service-based businesses, because out of her research she created incredible tools and programs to support their progress.


Barbara Karlich – Topic “Strategies to avoid Stress in Educational Contexts”


And also in Inlandsreport: (now called short Report)


And in the local radio station on: “Aktuelles Thema” to talk about new approaches of developing and learning.

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